I’m designing a course at the University on the topic of Wellness. In an effort to save students money on purchasing a textbook, I’ve been looking for articles, blogs, podcasts, anything current and relevant to compile into a course that students would find meaningful. I asked our guest Graduate Assistants from Ireland to help me search for relevant material. Laura, sent me the following. We have the book “The boy the mole the fox and the horse”, here at home and it really is a precious keepsake full of important reminders.
Below are some excerpts from the book.

The book is about four characters who journey together. The narrative is really a conversation rather than a series of events. Together as they walk they explore life’s universal questions.

I wish I could teach the entire course based on this short book alone; it should be required reading for all students. Imagine if we taught all students these simple words of wisdom.

Isn’t this what real friendship is all about?
As the author Mackesy writes in the introduction, “This book is for everyone—whether you’re eighty or eight.”
And…my favorite, if only we all believed this at an early age, and never doubted it.
Have any good resources on Wellness? Feel free to send them my way.

Last year’s Wellness in Winter Retreat was supposed to be followed by a Summer Wellbeing Retreat this week-end. Perhaps instead, this book could be a gift for yourself- and we could explore life’s universal questions this time next year!

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