This is the season of hope and miracles. The stories of Passover and Easter are about overcoming the impossible. Those stories at their core, are about all of us. This is a time in human history where the collective conditions are threatening many of us. There are so many chances for a global catastrophe. If you dwell on the news, you’re sure to feel hopeless. But remember Easter symbolizes hope, and a change in the way we look at things. It is absolutely time we become the change we want to see. Consider the possibility that there might be another way. That way is to be in a state of consciousness that isn’t threatened by the current images and constant chatter in the media. Extend your perception. Look for signs and possibilities that point to positive changes.

This week many states closed schools for the remainder of the year. My daughter Chelsea sent me the post below. I don’t know the author, but the mindset is an example of the lens that we can choose to see some of the disruption occurring in our lives. So many are worried about the children, but

What If:

✨What if instead of falling “behind”, this group of kids are ADVANCED because of this? Hear me out.

✨What if they have more empathy, they enjoy family connection, they can be more creative and entertain themselves, they love to read, they love to express themselves in writing.

✨What if they enjoy the simple things, like their own backyard and sitting near a window in the quiet?

✨What if they notice the birds and the dates the different flowers emerge, and the calming renewal of a gentle rain shower?

✨What if this generation are the ones to learn to cook, organize their space, do their laundry, and keep a well run home?

✨What if they learn to stretch a dollar and to live with less?

✨What if they learn to plan shopping trips and meals at home?

✨What if they learn the value of eating together as a family and finding the good to share in the small delights of the everyday?

✨What if they are the ones to place great value on our teachers and educational professionals, librarians, public servants and the previously invisible essential support workers like truck drivers, grocers, cashiers, custodians, logistics, and health care workers and their supporting staff, just to name a few of the millions taking care of us right now while we are sheltered in place?

✨What if among these children, a great leader emerges who had the benefit of a slower pace and a simpler life to truly learn what really matters in this life?

✨What if they are AHEAD?

Take a minute and ask yourself…
What if?

Choose to make today a day of hope. Remember that when things appear to be the darkest it is often just before a great transformation takes place. No matter what we are going through, we can learn from this. If we allow ourselves to expand in the space of possibilities, we can see signs and wonders that will open us to the meaning of these holidays. These signs won’t only be present in you, they will be present in those around you. That’s what we celebrate. We celebrate that we can be part of a new possibility, we have the potential to create an even better world, perhaps where we all learn to take care of, forgive, and love one another.

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