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Perception is Projection This week my husband turned 59- my mother-in-law 89 and my granddaughter 5 months. A 2009 survey of Americans asked participants when they believed someone grew ‘old’. Those in their twenties believed said old age began at 60. Those under 50 put the threshold closer to 70, whereas those 65 and above […]


“Your genetics load the gun. Your lifestyle pulls the trigger.” Dr. Mehmet Oz Every sixty-five seconds another person develops Alzheimer’s disease; and of these newcomers, roughly two-thirds will be women. Of all the challenges to brain pain, nothing compares to the unprecedented scale of Alzheimer’s disease, which is the most common form of dementia, currently […]

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Reminders for Uncertain Times

I’m designing a course at the University on the topic of Wellness. In an effort to save students money on purchasing a textbook, I’ve been looking for articles, blogs, podcasts, anything current and relevant to compile into a course that students would find meaningful. I asked our guest Graduate Assistants from Ireland to help me […]


Perspective Changes Everything

Many of us are stressed with the current pandemic situation, and for valid reasons. However, we aren’t the only generation to be subjected to hardships. Perhaps the present moment isn’t so bad. Imagine if YOU were born in 1900. On your 14th birthday, World War I begins and ends on your 18th birthday. 22 million […]

A Brand-New Presence

This Wednesday one of the free take- aways from my webinar on Self-care Practices will be a resource that I’ve curated during the past few weeks to help all of us navigate through these turbulent times. Please consider sending me your stories and examples of how you’ve found the bright spots and the good that […]


7 Step Risk Aversion Solution

“I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!” Many of you might recall Stuart Smalley, the self-help-obsessed pathetic character on Saturday Night Live who repeated that mantra to himself constantly. Smalley suffered from a profound lack of self-esteem. But my guess is, we all have a little “Stuart” in us. The […]


Hope and Miracles

This is the season of hope and miracles. The stories of Passover and Easter are about overcoming the impossible. Those stories at their core, are about all of us. This is a time in human history where the collective conditions are threatening many of us. There are so many chances for a global catastrophe. If […]


Alcohol Anyone?

The word on the street (actually the streets are empty) is that there will be more babies born in 2021. I don’t know, I fear there may be more divorces and waiting lists at Betty Ford Clinics. We are all dealing with the unknown, and the unknown triggers anxiety. It’s as if we are all […]


Opt Out of the Collective Anxiety

The collective anxiety of humanity has people so engrossed in the media, so hypnotized by the news of possible horrible outcomes that we are missing the present moment, which might not be so bad. The truth is, if something bad happens, we’ll have no choice but to deal with it. Until then, stop envisioning the […]


4 Things You CAN Do

If you listen, almost every conversation right now is about what we can’t do because of the COVID-19. Let’s pivot and focus on what we can do. Below are 4 things almost all of us can do if we have not been infected by the virus. 1.Go outside. Go for a walk, sit on your […]