If you’re an avid reader, you may find yourself forgetting the titles of what you’ve read. It’s like that file in our brain is full. Many of us record the books we read in a journal, or on goodreads so that we can recommend our favorites to a friend. The practice below expands on this idea a bit; it’s a great way to not only recall the book, but also where it was read.

If you are lucky enough to go away this summer, pack a good hardback book that you can lose yourself in. When you’ve finished reading, if you own the book, scrawl the date and where you read it inside the front cover. There is something about seeing the book, that will bring back memories not only of the content or plot, but also the place where you read it. It’s a great way to commemorate your getaways. This would of course work during any season of the year; winter getaways just don’t seem to be as frequent in my world.

And, if you are giving a book as a gift, write a personal note inside the front cover. There is something about seeing someone’s handwriting years later that can immediately trigger memories. My favorite children’s book is “Lisa and the Grumpet”. Inside the front cover my Dad scrawled “Merry Christmas Lisa- 1974”. Trust me I’ll never forget getting that book. I can actually close my eyes and hear him reading it to me and visualize the place where he read it – it was in this god-awful orange 1970’s modern armchair.

So, personalize your books with the date, the place you read it, and who gave it to you. Memories preserved. If your someone who donates books, no worries, this only adds to the charm of the book. If you have a moment, respond to this blog with a fiction or non-fiction book recommendation, I’m looking for my next summer read.

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