It’s about 6 AM. You open your eyes. What’s your first thought? Possibly something like-

Oh crud, the day ahead is endless. I don’t have time to get all this done today. Only __ more days and the week-end will be here.”

There must be another way.

There is another way. There are endless other ways, countless choices.


But- you need a practice. No, not as in hard work and endless mundane routines. A practice is simply a ritual, routine, or habits that bring intentionality to your day.


We get the chance every 24 hours to begin again.

Rather than ruminating on the past or worrying about the future, simply focus on the present moment and have a plan. Research, ancient wisdom, and common sense would all concur that beginning your day on your own terms, by taking a few moments to care for yourself, will better prepare you for the uncertainties of the day ahead.

All you have to do is choose something to begin your day that brings you joy and anchors you. However, if you don’t plan ahead, your day will be hijacked by other people’s agendas.

The book, A Beautiful Morning: How a Morning Ritual Can Feed Your Soul and Transform Your Life by Ashley Ellington Brown has a plethora of options.

How would you like to begin your day here?

During the June 23-24 Practicing Presence Retreat we’ll begin Sunday night with exploring strategies to get a good night’s sleep, and on Monday move into options to build your own, customized rituals into your life. Registration for the retreat closes March 1. Click here to register.




And about those 3 Don’ts…

  1. Don’t immediately reach for your phone, or electronic device. That begins our day with other people’s scattered thoughts. Scattered thoughts scatter our energy.
  2. Don’t begin your day by starting someone else’s to do list. How would you do that you ask? By checking your e-mail. Don’t sacrifice your own peace of mind or productivity for an empty inbox.
  3. Don’t begin by listening to tragedy, conflict and news of desperation. Hint- don’t turn on the tv/ news. Consider listening to something uplifting, a meditation, a favorite song, a mantra. Or read something positive.

It takes willpower to switch off the world, even for an hour. It’s not hard, just different.

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