What if every Sunday you vowed to in some way reach out to one person that you’re grateful for in your life?

My favorite gratitude practice in action was when Fred Rogerss accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award. He modeled that we should always be acknowledging the people that have helped us become who we are.

Who has helped you become who you are? Do they know you feel this way? Consider taking the time to express to others verbally what they have done to make you feel grateful. Be specific. Tell them what they did, how it made you feel, and why.
You could also put your gratitude in writing. Send a short text or e-mail, or better yet, a card or note that is a tangible reminder for someone else that his or her act of kindness counted.
Feeling brave? Reach out. Hug someone who you feel grateful to have in your life. Touch activates the vagus nerve and can release oxytocin into your system and theirs. Not only would that person feel incredibly valued, it’s been proven across hundreds of studies, practicing gratitude has been found to increase positive emotions, heighten relationship satisfaction, and increase resilience. Sounds like it’s a win- win for us all.
Want to find out how grateful you really are. Take this Gratitude Quiz from the Greater Good Science Center.

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