Give the Gift of Time: Time to Be Fully Present

People who care for others play a vital role in our communities, whether as care givers in family circles, or the wide array of helping professions in healthcare, and education, and more. Often it is caregivers who support the front lines of our society: helping those who face challenges on a daily basis. However, this support can come at a high personal cost, leading to frustration, exhaustion, and burnout.

Do you know someone who has an aging parent, a child with an addiction, or a job that has them constantly caring for others? These are the people who usually deflect any type of self-care for themselves. This can lead to both physical and/or emotional issues.

The Practicing Presence Summer Self-Care Retreat’s goal is to help care-givers bring balance to their lives. One way to achieve balance is to take the time to step away and restore. At the Practicing Presence Summer Retreat, we’ll discover how to infuse rituals into our day. We’ll focus on how to create the space to “retreat” a bit every day. The goal is to learn to find a way to retreat in the midst of our busy lives. This retreat will provide the tools to create a plan that is sustainable and practical to integrate into our daily lives.

This retreat is right for someone who is:

  • craving time to simply rest, relax and rejuvenate in a luxurious space
  • feeling drained with never enough time for themselves
  • needing a shift and would like to feel more purposeful
  • wanting a healthier lifestyle but struggling to achieve it
  • placing everyone else’s needs above their own
  • struggling to keep it all together
  • wanting to connect with caring, collaborative people

The proceeds of this retreat will go towards “gifting” a care-giver who has made a significant impact in the life of a child to attend the retreat. This year’s recipient will be announced later this month. If you would like to sponsor someone to attend this year’s retreat, there are still a handful of rooms at the Inn still available.

Contact Lisa for more details. I can’t think of a better gift to give or to receive. It’s what we all crave, time, time to be fully present.