Retreat comes from the Latin verb “to pull back”. Wouldn’t you like to pull back from the world for just a few hours in the midst of the holiday season? Here are 5 reasons to step out of your structured day to day routine and create a bit of novelty in your life.

1. Reset your mindset

If we want to make any changes in our lives, we need to slow down enough to listen to that wise still voice inside. A retreat gives you the space- both physically and mentally to connect with that part of yourself. Many of us seem to fall into typical patterns of behavior, and that can get stale. Instead, end your year on a positive note, by taking stock of what’s working and not working and identify what you want to focus on in 2020.

2. Experience Nature
Being in nature is one of the best ways to be present. Most of us are not getting enough time in the winter to be outside, to notice the spectacular trees, or to spot the beautiful birds that are ever present yet often unnoticed in our midst. An experienced bird watcher will provide binoculars and lead us on a beautiful, leisurely hike at the Arboretum.

3. Adopt new habits
For many of us, our days are filled with endless to-do lists. If you don’t already have a routine that includes some type of quiet or contemplation this retreat will give you some practical, reasonable ways to do this in the midst of your busy days when you return back to reality.

4. Connect with like-minded folks
Most people that make the effort to sign up for a retreat are often looking for similar things. Things like, developing a healthier mindset, pivoting and moving forward on a dream, and simply taking time to exhale and enjoy the moment. Not to mention getting out of the house and away from everyone for just a bit does wonders for any relationship.

5. Do something for Yourself
We often hesitate to do something for ourselves. The chances of us initiating into our busy holidays the opportunity to move mindfully, and take a guided hike are slim. However, a 1-day retreat can be the perfect escape to try something new and disconnect from the fast pace of the holiday. You’ll walk away with practices and resources to consider incorporating into your daily life.

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