2022 Possible Practices

Listed below are 3 variations on the New Year’s Resolution theme that you might consider exploring.

1. 20 out of 22 in 2022 Practice

Rather than continue with the worn-out practice of setting a New Year’s Resolution, I’ve decided to make a bucket list of things I want to accomplish in 2022. My goal is to accomplish 20 of the 22 items on my list. My list is a combination of 11 leisure and 11 productive goals. Below are my DRAFT lists.

Leisure 11 List

1. Rent a house at the beach with my children.
2. Learn to cross country ski.
3. Join a hiking club.
4. Meditate or do yoga daily.
5. Go away on vacation with a friend.
6. Read 12 fiction books.
7. Play with my granddaughter at least 3x a week.
8. Have family dinners with my adult children and grandchild monthly.
9. Find a new birdwatching group.
10. Organize my recipes and create a cookbook for my family and friends.
11. Renovate my bathrooms, kitchen, and family room and enjoy the process.

Productive 11 List

1. Finish 365 Days of Practicing Presence Book by December 31, 2022.
2. Publish an article with colleagues on the Practicing Presence book club study.
3. Present at an International Conference.
4. Get a lawyer, update will, and purchase a gravesite (morbid but necessary).
5. Complete Luminosity Brain Games 4/7days.
6. Create a new partnership with a school district and facilitate monthly Practicing Presence workshops.
7. Design an innovative field approach to the Preschool Learning Environment Course.
8. Research advocacy for a new Early Childhood Course.
9. Continue Self Compassion Certification Course.
10. Facilitate at least 3 workshops for Collins Writing.
11. Teach Mindfulness and Practicing Presence for a new organization.

2. Monthly Fuel and Drains Practice

If you’ve read my book, Practicing Presence, you’re familiar with my Fuels and Drains Exercise. I’m going to use that concept to focus on a monthly fuel and a drain in my life. This supports my 20 for 22 bucket list.

For example:

Drain: Reduce sugar in my diet
Fuel: Compile my favorite Smoothy and Energy Ball Recipes to add to the cookbook. Find new sugar free energy ball recipes.

Drain: Eliminate alcohol for the month
Fuel: Find a new leisure activity to engage in on weekends

3. Word of the Year Practice

For those of you that haven’t done this prior the idea is to select a word to anchor the year, something you want to cultivate in yourself. Last year I chose judgelessness (a made-up word) and I honestly did pretty good at letting go of judgments.

Notice is my 2022 word. This word to me is a pre-cursor to presence. It’s ironic that I practice presence but am a lousy noticer.

I hope one of these 3 Practices resonates with you and you opt to “try on” a practice.
Happy New Year!

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