Last week we celebrated Mother’s Day. I don’t know why, but there is never a year where I don’t think about the Mom’s out there that have lost children.

There are countless ways to lose a child. For those that have carried a child and they have left this earth before you, know that they felt you’re love. I know you may have imagined a long life with them, made plans, and envisioned endless possibilities. For those of you, who for whatever reason, never had a child. For some, that’s a loss of a dream, a possibility that never emerged. And…for those that have children that are here on this earth, but somehow lost to you, they too can feel your love.

We tend to avoid conversations about miscarriages, children that have died too young, pregnancies that never happened, and children who are no longer in our lives. Let’s claim a day to remember all the children that we miss and didn’t get to know in the way we hoped for.

For the longest time when I set the dinner table, I would often feel like a place set was missing. Maybe in remembrance, just for one night, we lay an extra setting on the table, and allow ourselves to feel the loss, and acknowledge that grief doesn’t have a timetable. Perhaps the place setting is a conversation starter. Let’s honor the memories that never happened. We can also acknowledge how strong we are, and all that we’ve overcome. Funny thing about life, in the midst of loss and shattered dreams, life goes on. Our present moment is different than it would have been, but we don’t know what that would have looked like. All we can do, is make the very most of this very moment.

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