Alone? You’re not. You are never alone.
Feeling alone? That’s a different story.
One there is a solution to.
You can choose to think about someone else, who might also be feeling alone.
That doesn’t mean they live by themselves; you can reside with many people and still feel alone.

Whoever you just thought of, reach out, call, send a text, write a letter, record a video, mail a letter, put a note in their mailbox, order a fruit basket, drop off some cookies.

Just let them know they are not alone.
Imagine how different this world could be if every single person knew that there was at least one person out there that cared about them. So, this Christmas, reduce loneliness, it’s a sure way to not feel so lonely yourself.

Perhaps it could be the beginning of peace on earth, good will toward men.

Whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year, my wish for you is to never feel alone.

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