Remember Live Radio? Seems like a lifetime ago that I turned on the radio in my car or home. I tend to load podcasts or Spotify on my phone. I’ve got a new option for you-tune in Live to Wellness Wednesday on VoicEd Radio.

It’s not my usual Practicing Presence Podcast; we’re now LIVE with Stephen Hurley at 8:00 AM. To be honest, I’m a bit hesitant to promote this new forum. Stephen and I have been recording our conversations for almost four years, but truth be told, I didn’t think many people I knew were listening. It always felt like a private conversation between Stephen and I, that thank goodness, could always be edited.

Last Wednesday when we went live, I realized just how little I had done to promote the segment when mid-conversation Stephen said, “Lisa- we have a listener in Pennsylvania.” A listener. Sigh. “Yep”, I said, as I gave a shout out- “that’s my daughter Chelsea, a first-grade teacher in Downingtown School District.”

So, help me out here folks, tune in at 8:00, give a listen, tell your friends- share the link, and explore the website. Once you’re on the site go to Hurley in the Morning and click on Listen Live. Stephen is brilliant, funny and always challenges us to think in new ways. He is Envisioning Endless Opportunities (remember that chapter from Practicing Presence)? Here’s Stephen’s vision in his own words.

I have this dream that we can successfully gather listeners around their radios and their devices for a shared radio experience. One-part nostalgia and three parts aspiration. That’s why we’ve started Hurley in the Morning— four and a half hours of live radio every weekday. Podcasting is the new blogging. But LIVE radio, we’re changing the way you talk about education by opening up a multi-media space for vibrant, provocative conversation about the issues, challenges and opportunities that are coming to define us in the 21st century. The goal is to create a rich tapestry of music, poetry, prose and education-related conversation.

I have noticed, that every time I talk with Stephen, I am smiling- he has that effect on people. Goodness knows we could all benefit from starting the day with a smile.

Turn off the news and tune in to Hurley in the Morning.

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