If you listen, almost every conversation right now is about what we can’t do because of the COVID-19. Let’s pivot and focus on what we can do. Below are 4 things almost all of us can do if we have not been infected by the virus.

1.Go outside. Go for a walk, sit on your step, porch or deck, and just appreciate the many signs of spring. Pause, slow down, and take the time to notice what we usually overlook.

2.Go inside. No not inside your home, inside your mind. Practice Presence. This is a perfect time to check under the hood. It’s an ideal time to commit to a daily practice of stillness. Could you commit to 4 minutes of stillness a day?

3.Read. I’m going to challenge myself to read (and finish) a book a week. Look at this as a time to learn something new.

4.Organize and Declutter. Commit to organizing one thing a day. Here are some book suggestions to choose from to get you started.

What if this time of isolation is just what we all need? A retreat from all the distractions and endless interruptions. We can look at this current situation as a huge inconvenience or a gift in disguise. How you choose to frame this will determine how it affects you. Think about the purpose of challenges. To make us stronger. We grow through challenges. Humans don’t really change until we are in a state of crisis. Perhaps this is a necessary part of evolution. Try and take a step back and see this from a higher perspective. Maybe this will bring us together rather than divide us. So often, something needs to break down, so something new can break through.

Stay well.

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