The Trouble Is …You Think You Have Time

We are all dying, every single one of us. At least our bodies are. But somehow, we spend our days like they are infinite, like this life will never end. We always think once I get done this, then I’ll start taking better care of myself. Once I get that job, or that promotion, or that spouse, or that house. When I have that that child, or lose those 10 pounds, or have x amount of money in the bank…. then I’ll start enjoying life. Then I’ll do what matters most to me.

Many of you may remember my daughter Chelsea’s first grade student Frankie who has cancer. He was granted a Make A Wish trip to Disney, and from what Chelsea has told me, the highlight of the trip weren’t the rides, the food, nor the Disney characters, but simply spending time with his family. I have an amazing friend Carolyn who has four children, the two youngest have Down syndrome. For her youngest daughter Lilly’s 16th birthday they too went to Disney, and what meant the most was the family being together.

Our days are priceless- we are literally spending time. Is what or who matters most to you reflected on your calendar?

Speaking of calendar. Below are some of my upcoming events:

April 26th: Kutztown University Connect & Collaborate: Emerging Trends in Art Education
10:00 Keynote: Practicing Presence: Creating a Culture of Wellness & Collaboration

May 4th at St. Joseph’s University Alpha Upsilon Alpha Chapter of Saint Joseph’s University and the Keystone State Literacy Association Delaware Valley Spring Literacy Conference.
9:00 Keynote: Practicing Presence: Simple Self Care Strategies for Teachers.

June 23 & 24:Practicing Presence Summer Self-Care Retreat Only 2 cottages left. Click here for more information.

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