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They’re Going to Shit on your Head

They’re Going to Shit on your Head Those were the last words I heard as I departed to meet my friend to watch the migrating snow geese. I live with an over stimulated amygdala- my husband. He is constantly scanning the environment…

Failure Progress

Last week I presented a keynote in Ohio to a large group of educators- mostly administrators. I wanted to “knock it out of the park”. In the last 5 minutes of my presentation the slide deck on the power point presentation froze (as did my…

The Muck of March: Meditation Might Help

In Practicing Presence, I lead with the following: It was March. Outside, I was greeted by dreary, gray skies and a constant drizzle. It was the kind of rain that makes you feel chilled to the bone. Inside, I felt equally dreary. I’ve…