Practicing Presence: Writing Your Prescription for a Joyful Life (January 20)


Designed to incorporate writing and reflection as a catalyst to uncover unconscious habits and exchange them with sustainable self-care strategies, this session provides practices to cultivate simple routines to protect against burnout and boredom. We need a systems approach to wellness, and it begins with us. Bring a pad and paper for this interactive session

Self-care, Self-Compassion and Stress Reduction Strategies for Resilient Educators

Most teachers enter the field of education to make a difference in student’s lives. But often they end up feeling tired, wired, and running in circles. However, there is another way. When teachers care for themselves deeply and deliberately, they are able to care for the people that matter most in their lives, their students, […]


ESEA: Countering the Negativity Bias with Emotional Resilience to Promote Healthy Minds and Immune Systems  

Countering the Negativity Bias with Emotional Resilience to Promote Healthy Minds and Immune Systems


Never before have educators and students needed more protection from the overwhelming feelings of stress. Today a healthy mind and immune system are essential. We need a systems approach to wellness that begins with learning organizations focused on cultivating healthy, resilient educators and students. Discover cutting edge, practical research in neuroscience focused on training the […]

Looking Forward with Hope


Please join Dr. Lisa J. Lucas, author of Practicing Presence: Simple Self-Care Strategies for Teachers, who will share evidence-based research strategies to examine how a well-trained mind can support a culture of engaged students and educators. As we hope for a calmer 2021, it is essential to cultivate our own healthy habits and routines so that […]

Women in Dentistry Podcast

We'll explore how to maintain composure in the midst of uncertainty and explore practices to overcome obstacles and maintain confidence in an industry that is often unforgiving.

Engaged Educators: Be committed without being consumed


This presentation shares practices to live a happier, more balanced life. The question isn’twhy so many of us feel stressed, but more importantly, what we can do about it?If you’d like to envision a new way of being, this experiential session will provide the space for you to reflect, refuel, and re-envision your story.