Practicing Presence Self-Care Retreat Reflections

At our retreated, participants will learn self-care routines that can improve focus, productivity and presence.

“I have learned that when we care for ourselves, deeply and deliberately, we are able to care for others- our students, our friends and families- in a healthier, more authentic way.”
Lisa Lucas

The Practicing Presence Summer Self-Care Retreat took place at the beautiful Inn at Grace Winery.

Retreat was an invitation to fully inhabit the present moment. Discover how to infuse rituals into your day. Focus on rest, rejuvenation, and discovering how to create the space in our daily lives to “retreat” a bit every day.

Topics such as self-directed brain plasticity, mind-body medicine, mindfulness, metacognition, social emotional teaching & learning are explored. Lisa translates the research from neuroscience into practical, evidenced-based brain health and wellness strategies.

“The Practicing Presence Summer Self-Care Retreat was filled with opportunities to learn how to take care of the teacher so the teacher can take care of the students. The perfect recipe for a successful school year.”

Joanne LorineDirector

“The Retreat provides tools and techniques to be your best in a roiling world, along with opportunities to socialize and relax in a bucolic setting.”


Michael HeneghanEngineer

“This retreat left me feeling recharged, invigorated and surprisingly calm. I look forward to putting the things I learned into action.”

Mary BordenEducator

“This retreat was very much needed after a very stressful school year. It was an amazing overview of the many different mindful techniques that can be incorporated into everyday life. The venue was the perfect setting to inspire more presence into my everyday life!”

Danielle GaffneyEducator

The Practicing Presence retreat was the perfect opportunity to reflect and restore. The setting was stunning and the strategies I received will be easy to implement in my daily life. I can’t wait for the next one!”



Lisa J. Lucas (Ed.D.)

Senior Faculty Member; Founder of LJ Coaching & Consulting LLC

Lisa is currently a Professor in the College of Education at West Chester University of Pennsylvania, and an author, speaker, coach and consultant. She specializes in helping others achieve balance- finding the median between working to live and living to work. With over three decades of experience in education as a teacher, instructional coach, administrator, and consultant she is a life-long educator.

Her workshops are designed to foster reflection and rejuvenation, skills that educators need more of. Lisa’s research focuses on how to cultivate a culture of mindful educators and students. Most recently, she is investigating whether adopting deliberate habits and stress reduction strategies can help educators manage the “overwhelm” and live a more peaceful, productive, and balanced life which will then impact their classroom climate, culture, and students.

Her book, Practicing Presence: Simple Self-Care for Teacher published by Stenhouse Publishers is a compilation of simple self-care strategies, habits and resources for educators at all levels.

Chelsea LaRose: (M.Ed.)

K-12 Educator

Chelsea is an elementary school teacher who has a classroom environment that teaches students to utilize mindfulness techniques that can improve self-regulation and focus.

She’s a teacher that regards social emotional learning as much as, if not more than the content that she teaches. Daily she integrates present moment pauses into her transitions.

She’s the teacher that you want your child to have.

Colleen DeVirgiliis

Director of Training, Transformation Yoga Project

Colleen has been teaching yoga in Chester County, PA since 2004 in studios, health centers, schools and privately. She is a yoga provider for Unite for HER, a nonprofit that offers alternative healing modalities to women diagnosed with breast cancer.

She is the Director of Training programs for the Transformation Yoga Project, a nonprofit in the Greater Philadelphia Area that offers mindfulness based movement, meditation and more to individuals impacted by trauma. Colleen leads yoga and mindfulness classes within the justice system, in recovery centers and to adolescents in behavioral health settings. She is the former director at Seva Power Yoga, a vinyasa studio in West Chester where she led classes and yoga teacher trainings for eight years.

Bronwyn Morris, LMT

Bronwyn has been practicing massage for 15 years. She specializes in therapeutic and deep tissue techniques as well as prenatal massage. Bronwyn resides in Phoenixville, PA and is the owner and operator of B Well Massage and Holistic Therapies.

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When you learn, teach. When you get, give.
-Maya Angelou

We are awarding one scholarship for an educator who has made a significant impact in the life of a child/student. The recipient will be an educator who promotes social emotional teaching and learning.  A panel of judges will review the submissions and make their selections based on a combination of merit and need.

To apply, please submit a one-page Word Document HERE describing how you or someone you know has impacted a child or children. Self-nominations are permitted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any prior experience with mindful movement or meditation?
Absolutely not! Our experienced workshop leaders plan their sessions to benefit both beginning and experienced practitioners.

I’ve been to dozens of workshops. What will I get out of this one?
This retreat will focus on the topics that help establish practical sustainable self- care habits that can change the trajectory of your life.