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A mindful school is a healthy, more collaborative, engaged environment.



Lisa is currently a Professor in the College of Education at West Chester University of Pennsylvania, a speaker/trainer that provides workshops on Engaging Learners, and a professional coach that specializes in helping others achieve balance- finding the median between working to live and living to work.

She has decades of experience in education as a teacher, instructional coach, administrator, and consultant, and currently a professor. Essentially, she is a life long teacher educator. She has taught in public, private, parochial, pre-school, and higher education.

Her research focuses on creating a culture of mindful educators and students in environments that are collaborative and healthy. Most recently, she is investigating whether adopting deliberate habits and stress reduction strategies can help educators manage the “overwhelm” and live a more peaceful, productive, and balanced life.

Her book, Practicing Presence by Stenhouse Publishers is a compilation of simple self-care strategies, habits and resources for educators at all levels.

Her teaching focuses on engaging learners, change theory, educational leadership, designing optimal learning environments and social emotional awareness for both students and adults.

She has been a Collins Writing Program Associate since 2008.

For over a decade she has been an educational consultant working with pre-schools, K-12 schools and universities, helping improve student performance through writing and thinking across the curriculum, with a focus on student engagement.

Lisa practices evidence-based coaching with clients she has the ability, knowledge, resources and skills to find current information from valid, reputable research, translate it, determine its applicability, and then mobilize the client’s inner resources for the purpose of enhancing performance for personal and career development.


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Mindfulness and Coaching

Lisa practices evidence-based coaching, which requires that she have the knowledge, resources and skills to find current information from valid, reputable research, and translate it into practical strategies. Lisa’s model integrates mindfulness and coaching so that you can first get clear and then focus on your goals. Lisa is respected by her clients for her ability to challenge their mental models, helping them to successfully reframe from a traditional fixed mindset to focusing on a growth mindset, enabling them to create innovative and sustainable solutions to their everyday challenges.

Lisa brings the profound benefits of practicing presence to an area where teachers need it most- their daily lives.

Work Balance:
Be more creative, focused, organized and productive.

Life Balance:
Finding the median between living to work and working to live.

Engaged Educators:
Want more balance and less stress? Learn to be committed without being consumed.


Lisa works with Pre-K-12 schools, universities, and career/technical centers to deliver keynote addresses and workshops for their teachers. She often provides follow up coaching to support implementation and sustainability.

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Lisa customizes workshops and keynotes for your individual organization’s needs. See below for selected topics.

Personal Practices to Support Mindful Teaching

  • Presence in the Midst of Chaos
  • A Well-Trained Mind: Social Emotional Awareness for Educators
  • Healthy Habits for Educators
  • Recognize Mindlessness
  • 8 Fuels to be Stress Hardy
  • Engaged Educators = Engaged Students

Student Engagement Strategies

  • Awake, Accountable, and Engaged
  • Words Create Worlds
  • No-Complaining Challenge
  • Tuning In: Mindful Teaching and Learning
  • Pay Attention to Intention
  • Your Mindful Brain



Lisa researches and develops practical self-care stress reduction strategies for teachers. Why the focus on stress? According to a 2014 Gallup survey, 46 percent of teachers experience high daily stress during the school year—and that adversely affects teachers’ health, which negatively impacts student well-being.

Lisa’s strategies, based on empirical research, are designed to help teachers reduce stress by fostering presence through self-care and an inner awareness. Students learn from teachers who project enthusiasm, optimism and clearly enjoy what they do.  They are present for their students. You can’t fake presence, but you can learn to cultivate it—which is what Lisa has focused herself on, personally and professionally, for more than two decades.

The old adage is true: You teach what you need to learn. Lisa has learned that cultivating presence is clearly an inside job: it begins with bringing attention to your own thoughts and feelings.

Her vision is to work with as many school systems as possible to provide professional development that is focused on establishing habits and routines to foster a healthy school climate.

Collins Writing and Social Emotional Awareness

High Engagement Literacy Strategies to Promote Social-Emotional Awareness Workshop

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Be more creative, focused, organized and productive.


Finding the median between working to live and living to work.


Want more balance and less stress? Be committed without being consumed.


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