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3 Don’ts and a DO to Begin Your Day

It’s about 6 AM. You open your eyes. What’s your first thought? Possibly something like- “Oh crud, the day ahead is endless. I don’t have time to get all this done today. Only __ more days and the week-end will be here.” There must be another way. There is another way. There are endless other […]

1 Present-Moment Strategy: A Doorway to a More Mindful Life

Lisa J. Lucas, an author, consultant, and professor in the field of education, knows firsthand how much a mindful approach to the role of teacher can contribute to a positive classroom atmosphere Mindful is the word of the moment, and mindfulness in education has exploded. It sounds so obvious; who doesn’t want to be mindful? […]

Self-Care Strategies for Stressed Teachers

Mindful Teaching Self-Care Strategies for Stressed Teachers Practicing Presence: Simple Self-Care Strategies for Teachers Collins Associate Dr. Lisa Lucas understands well the demands that teachers face and the pressure they are under. Lisa has written a book aimed at helping teachers manage the frustration of being overwhelmed. In Practicing Presence: Simple Self-Care Strategies for Teachers, […]

Modeling Mindfulness by Practicing Presence

Mindful is the word of the moment, and mindfulness in education has exploded. It sounds so obvious; who doesn’t want to be mindful? The alternative, mindless, isn’t what most of us are striving for. However, mindfulness in education is in the precarious position of being relegated to a programmatic approach.

Preparing Instructional Coaches

Growing numbers of classroom teachers and reading specialists in schools across the United States are being asked to provide coaching to their colleagues, a form of job-embedded professional development. This paper describes an approach to developing instructional coaches with a particular focus on coaching presence. Presence in this context means supporting teachers with an open-minded appreciative stance, paying attention […]

Awake Accountable and Engaged

As a new college professor, one of the things that surprised me most was the lack of student engagement and accountability in the classroom. Striving to be a professor that utilized a lecture format sparingly, I structured my class sessions to encourage participation and to be highly interactive, collaborative, and student-centered. Mini-lectures were designed to foster […]